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What We Believe

What We Believe

The Foundation of West Main Baptist Church

 Our members come from all over the area and each person and family adds a variety of professions, skills, knowledge and backgrounds. We don’t all look the same or have the same backgrounds and our education levels and finances are not the same. However, on days of worship everyone stands as one church to worship a holy, loving and magnificent God. We want to create a place of belonging. West Main offers praise to Jehovah God, Savior and the Holy Spirit for supplying our physical and spiritual needs and providing direction in the ways of Christian life. We hold ourselves responsible for reaching out to those in need and have an obligation to lead by example. We have a strong desire to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is only through the blessings of God that we are able to continue our mission of serving the community and offering the Plan of Salvation to everyone we meet. We hold to the fact that Salvation comes through the Blood of Christ alone!

We Believe

THE BIBLE: God used holy men to write the Scriptures. The 66 books of both the Old and New Testaments are the very words God intended us to have and were given by God without error. It is the very Word of GOD  ONE TRUE GOD: We believe that God is the Creator, Sustainer, and Righteous Ruler of the universe. He has revealed himself in the Scriptures of the Holy Bible as Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, yet as one God.

 JESUS CHRIST: Jesus Christ is God’s unique Son. Scripture teaches us that He is God revealed in the flesh. In His Divine nature, He is truly God and in His human nature, He is truly man. He is the One crucified for man’s sin and now risen. He is the glorified Savior and Lord who mediates between God and man. He gives us access to the Father through His intercession. None can come to the Father unless they come through Him.

 MAN: God created man in a state of innocence. Man, tempted by Satan, willfully disobeyed God, becoming a sinner and incurring God’s judgment upon sin. Thus, man has a natural inclination to sin. Man is guilty of sinning before God and in need of salvation.

 SALVATION: Man receives pardon and forgiveness for his sins when he admits to God that he is a sinner, when in godly sorrow turns from them and trusts in Christ as redemption from his sin. God does not force salvation upon man. We have the free will to choose to serve Him. The acceptance of God’s salvation plan involves belief in Christ’s death on the cross and the fact that God raised Him from the dead. It is a salvation by grace alone and not of works.

 THE SECOND COMING: The Bible teaches that Jesus Christ, who ascended on high and sits at the right hand of God the Father, will come again to close the Gospel dispensation, glorify His saints and judge the world. 
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