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Our Services

West Main Baptist Church is deeply ingrained in our local community, fostering meaningful connections through collaborative efforts with diverse groups and organizations. Our commitment to benevolence extends to various charitable programs that touch the lives of those in need. The Backpack Program ensures that young learners receive the essential school supplies they require. Through the Salvation Army Angel Tree, we extend holiday cheer to those in our community who are less fortunate. The No Child Left Unfed initiative offers vital weekend and vacation meals to students facing food insecurity. We recognize our law enforcement officers during Law Enforcement Month, reinforcing our community's respect and support through the Honor Our Law Enforcement program. The Card Ministry for Veterans and Christmas Cards for Heroes initiatives, in partnership with the American Red Cross, demonstrate our unwavering gratitude for our military personnel and veterans. These are some of our outreach programs.

The Backpack Program

West Main Baptist Church is proud to be an active participant in the Backpack Program, a vital initiative that brings essential school supplies to the young learners of our community. The program serves as a lifeline for families facing financial challenges in providing their children with the tools they need for a successful education. Our involvement in the Backpack Program reflects our unwavering commitment to the academic success of our youth. It's about ensuring no child starts the school year at a disadvantage due to a lack of supplies. By providing backpacks and essential materials, we empower our young minds to pursue their educational journeys confidently. This initiative helps strengthen the fabric of our community. It expresses our support for families, highlighting our belief in the importance of education for all children. Through the Backpack Program, we affirm our commitment to fostering a community where every child can learn and thrive, regardless of their circumstances. Read More About the Backpack Program »

The Salvation Army Angel Tree

The Salvation Army Angel Tree program plays a crucial role in uniting community members with individuals in need, especially during the holiday season. At West Main Baptist Church, we actively collaborate with The Salvation Army, serving as a distribution point for Washington County Angel Tree recipients. Our church community actively participates in this program, working hand in hand with The Salvation Army to fulfill the needs and wishes of children during Christmas. This partnership showcases our dedication to making the holiday season a time of joy for local families. The Angel Tree program acts as a bridge, connecting those who can assist those in need. Our involvement underscores our commitment to creating a sense of community, ensuring every family can experience the spirit of the holiday season. Through our partnership with the program, we demonstrate our commitment to brightening the holidays for those who are less fortunate. It's an effective way to express our love and support for the local community, reinforcing the spirit of giving that defines West Main Baptist Church. Read More About The Salvation Army Angel Tree »

No Child Left Unfed Project

The "No Child Left Unfed" project, a crucial initiative by Washington County Schools, ensures that no child faces the harsh reality of hunger. It offers weekend and vacation food support to students on reduced or free lunch programs. West Main Baptist Church is committed to this noble cause, actively participating as volunteers in packing food bags every five weeks. These bags contain nonperishable and easily accessible food items designed to provide three lunches, dinners, and breakfasts. It also includes snacks, ensuring that the children receive the nutrition they need during the weekend and vacation periods. Our involvement in this program shows our community's dedication to nurturing the potential of every child. Beyond the act of providing food, we express our unwavering support for the well-being of these students. We embrace this shared responsibility, ensuring that no child in the local community goes to bed hungry. Read More About No Child Left Unfed Project »

Honoring Law Enforcement

At West Main Baptist Church, we hold a profound appreciation for the men and women who selflessly dedicate themselves to protecting our community. Our "Honoring Law Enforcement" program is a tribute to these courageous individuals during Law Enforcement Month, typically celebrated in May yearly. This initiative is a collaborative effort where we extend our gratitude and support to the dedicated city, county/state law enforcement officers. It's a token gesture and a sincere acknowledgment of the sacrifices they make daily to maintain our safety and peace. Our involvement in this program goes beyond providing meals; it's about recognizing the invaluable contributions of our law enforcement officers. We aim to convey our respect and appreciation for their unwavering commitment. Through the "Honoring Law Enforcement" program, we reiterate that the safety of our community is a shared responsibility, and we stand united in honoring those who uphold the law. It's a powerful message of support, unity, and gratitude to our brave protectors, reflecting the deep respect that we hold for their service. Read More About Honoring Law Enforcement »

Card Ministry for Veterans

At West Main Baptist Church, we believe that a simple gesture of kindness can brighten the lives of those who have dedicated themselves to protecting our nation. Our "Card Ministry for Veterans" program exemplifies this belief as we collaborate with local veterans' hospitals to deliver heartfelt cards to our heroic veterans. This initiative involves our church community, young and old, in creating and signing these cards, infusing them with sincerity and warmth. The act of sending these cards symbolizes our profound respect and appreciation for the sacrifices made by our veterans. Through the "Card Ministry for Veterans," we seek to convey not only our gratitude but also our heartfelt wishes for their well-being. These cards are concrete reminders that our community supports and remembers their service. Our involvement in this program is a testament to our unwavering commitment to those who have selflessly served our country. It's a way for us to express our love and respect and to ensure that our veterans feel valued and remembered. Read More About Card Ministry for Veterans »

Christmas Cards for Heroes

At West Main Baptist Church, the Christmas season is a time for embracing the spirit of giving and gratitude. Through our "Christmas Cards for Heroes" program, we join hands with the American Red Cross to send heartfelt holiday greetings to our dedicated military personnel and veterans who find themselves far from home and family during this festive season. This heartwarming initiative involves the active participation of our church members, who come together to craft and sign Christmas cards. These cards, infused with love and warmth, serve as tokens of our appreciation for the sacrifices made by our heroes in uniform. Every card carries a message of support, reminding our military men and women that they are cherished and remembered during this special time of the year. It's a small gesture with a profound impact, one that reaffirms the unity and gratitude within our community. Through the "Christmas Cards for Heroes" program, we not only celebrate the holiday season but also celebrate the service and dedication of those who protect our nation. Read More About Christmas Cards for Heroes »

At our church, our unwavering commitment to community outreach and compassionate service finds expression through our active involvement in these esteemed programs. We firmly believe that, as followers of Christ, we must not only espouse our faith but also live it out through actions that reflect His love. Serving as the hands and feet of Jesus, we recognize the solemn duty we bear to lead by example and extend our support to those in need. Through these vital community programs, we endeavor to make a positive impact, uplifting the lives of individuals and families within our reach. If you seek further information about these programs or any of our other services, we warmly encourage you to contact West Main Baptist Church at 276-676-0624. Additionally, we invite you to explore our comprehensive website for detailed insights, and should you have any questions or require assistance, you may conveniently use our Online Form. to connect with us. Your inquiries are important to us, and we are here to assist you with care and dedication.

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