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Salvation Army Angel Tree

The SALVATION ARMY ANGLE TREE is a program where children's names are taken from the Angel Tree set up at church. The Angel's name provides needs and wants to be purchased for that child for Christmas. The Salvation Army utilizes our church as a distribution point for Washington County Angel Tree recipients.

Each Christmas season, a tradition unfolds- one that embodies the spirit of giving and demonstrates the power of community support. The Salvation Army Angel Tree program, operating through West Main Baptist Church, provides an essential lifeline to those in need during the holiday season.

While the concept is simple – children's names are taken from the Angel Tree, and their needs and wishes are matched with generous donors – the impact is profound.

In a world where the holiday season often carries the burden of financial strain for many families, this program emerges as a beacon of hope. By identifying and supporting children who might otherwise go without, this program ensures that no child in Washington County is left out of the joy and magic of Christmas.

The Role of The Angel Tree

The heart of this program lies in the Angel Tree itself, a symbol of care, compassion, and community. Set up at our church, this tree bears the names and wishes of children who are eagerly awaiting the joy of Christmas. Each angel ornament represents a child in need, with their name and age inscribed. Beneath the angel's name, there are notes detailing the child's specific needs and desires, allowing donors to choose a child to support.

The Salvation Army Angel Tree acts as the bridge that connects the generous members of our community with those who are in need. It allows individuals, families, and local businesses to play a direct role in bringing the magic of Christmas to children who might otherwise miss out on the experience.

A Program That Empowers Local Churches

Our church plays a vital role in the success of this program. We serve as a crucial distribution point for Angel Tree recipients, ensuring that every gift finds its way to the hands of those for whom it is intended. This effort embodies the spirit of community and collaboration, allowing us to collectively make a difference in the lives of families throughout the region. The significance of this program is the material gifts it provides and the sense of hope and joy it brings to children and their families. For those facing financial hardship, the Angel Tree offers relief and a glimmer of light during a challenging time. It demonstrates that the community cares, understands, and is willing to lend a helping hand. For information regarding The Salvation Army Angel Tree program, please call the West Main Baptist Church at 276-676-0624. You can also browse our website for details and send us your queries through this Online Form.
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