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Annual Women's Conference

Wow Dog Ministry

WOW DOG (Women of Worth Daughters of God) is West Main Baptist Church’s women’s ministry. The ministry was a vision of the Group leader to have a special service where women could express themselves and share with each other their pain and how God has made them victorious as a WOW DOG.

The ladies of the church meet monthly to study God’s word, fellowship, pray and unite in friendship. Our meetings have consisted of many studies – some are video studies from nationally known Bible scholars. Other studies are taught by the Group leader.

Annually, the ladies sponsor a Women’s Conference. The conference is centered around a Biblical theme. There have been many themes, such as I AM, For Such a Time as This, The LORD is My Shepherd, and The Bridegroom Cometh are just a few of them. The conference features every day ladies sharing their life’s stories and testimonies and what God has done in their lives. Skits and praise music are also on the agenda.

This is a time when ladies from several churches gather to praise and worship our Lord as well as renew their spirits. There is always a great lunch served. While eating, ladies fellowship and sometimes there are some hilarious events for audience participation.

The monthly meeting is scheduled for the 2nd Monday of every month at 6:30 PM. The annual conference is the 2nd Saturday of October starting at 10:00 AM.
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